In addition to forming a so-called Ring of Steel — a special security cordon for people and vehicles — in the area around Sochi, Russia plans to deploy a security force of 40,000 people and set up six missile-defense systems, among other measures.
And although federal prisons ban e-cigarettes, the inmate market has so much potential that Chinese and American manufacturers now produce “jail-safe” versions made of plastic instead of metal.
I think Facebook should advertise itself as a memorial service for the living. It makes the present feel as if it is instantaneously collecting dust.
Before thongs and silicone and spray tans made women’s wrestling the overtly sexualized spectacle that is now orchestrated by W.W.E., Ms. Young was among the most famous in a colorful cast of women who first rose to prominence in the 1940s, in part because World War II reduced the number of men who wrestled professionally.
In one recent example, Walmart recalled donkey meat that it was selling at several outlets in China after it was found to have been tainted with fox meat.
“Pinochet was tormented by an intense inferiority complex, which he tried to deal with by collecting books,” said Cristóbal Peña, an investigative journalist whose 2013 book, “The Secret Literary Life of Augusto Pinochet,” explores the evolution of the dictator’s library, which included roughly 50,000 books and has been valued conservatively by rare-book experts at about $3 million.
A new economic study of Nielsen television ratings and birth records suggests that the show she appeared in, “16 and Pregnant,” and its spinoffs may have prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers in 2010.
In almost every N.B.A. and many college arenas this season, multicylinder T-shirt cannons — modeled after the Civil War-era Gatling gun — have become a regular presence during timeouts and halftime shows, partly thrilling and likewise terrifying fans as the latest weapon of mass distraction.
The man using the phone explained to the irritated man that he was simply texting his 3-year-old daughter, the witness, Charles Cummings, told Tampa’s FOX 13 television.
After all, if you were going to write about traffic jams in New Jersey you might as well also report on someone getting a cold sore or the fact that a man had his driveway paved.

More recently, the center suffered an even more stinging disappointment involving one of its best-known graduates, a reformed jihadist named Ahmed al-Shayea. He became famous in Saudi Arabia after surviving his own suicide bombing in Iraq in 2004, a bombing arranged by militants with Al Qaeda’s Iraqi branch.

Mr. Shayea was burned and disfigured, but after months in a hospital he emerged and proclaimed himself cured of the jihadist mind-set. He was known as the “living suicide,” and in 2009 an American author, Ken Ballen, devoted an entire chapter to a glowing portrait of him in his book, “Terrorists in Love.”

In November, Mr. Shayea slipped out of Saudi Arabia to Syria, where he is now fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. He proudly trumpets his return to jihad on his Twitter feed, which features a picture of him clutching a rifle with his mangled hands.

At least 31 states have adopted laws restricting the ability of doctors to end life support for terminally ill pregnant women, regardless of the wishes of the patient or the family, according to a 2012 report from the Center for Women Policy Studies in Washington.
Foursquare, the location-based social network, is at the forefront of this innovation.
Greg Sewitz, 22, and Gabi Lewis, 23, began making protein bars out of crickets when they were roommates at Brown University.
Among the grim litany of revelations was a blackmail letter F.B.I. agents had sent anonymously to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., threatening to expose his extramarital affairs if he did not commit suicide.